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Cloud 9 Pet Bed

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Did You Know That Over 23 Million Dogs Suffer From Anxiety?

Our Soothing Bed was designed to ease your fur babies anxiety to allow them to have a care-free sleep & deep sleep!

Ease Anxiety – Designed in conjunction with therapists, the raised rims help relax and comfort your fur babies. This concept has been around for decades and is proven to ease anxiety in pets!.


Increase Health – The increase in the sense of security provided by the raised rims activates the nervous system to allow your pet to relax quickly to commence sleeping at a steady and slow heartbeat. Decreasing the stress on the heart and brain for a long and healthy life!


No More Barking – Dogs bark at night as they are unable to fall to sleep, they become restless and will bark to attract attention to aid their loneliness. This bed will not only provide your dog with a night of deep sleep but an uninterrupted one for you and your neighbors!

Super Comfy – The soothing bed not only eases their mind, but is designed to support their head and neck, whilst soothing joint and muscle pain. This allows your fur babies to have a deep sleep for increased health and behavior.


Friendly Fur – The Faux fur is 100% pet-friendly, safe to machine wash and dry so your fur babies are not only sleeping well but sleeping in a clean bed!