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ScentPet Pack

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These bunny and deer humidifiers will keep the air fresh while being beautiful design objects for your home. The adorable design in pink and white brings a gentle calmness to any living space.


Ships in 2-4 weeks 🐢 📦 🌎 👀

• Mr. Turtle will swim across the ocean to bring you this package



  • 7-Color LED light: Customize the color to your mood and liking 🌈
  • Use with water-soluble essential oils (1-2 drops) per full tank of water
  • Space-saving and large capacity: 220mL tank with 8 hours of continuous misting
  • Travel-friendly: USB Powered and easy to carry, whether from home to office or car
  • Ultrasonic and ultra-silent: Humidify your home to prevent dry, stuffy air while you sleep
  • Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry seasons. Keeping your skin moisturized in the air = two face masks
  • Safe and easy to use: Automatic power-off protection with 4-hr timer or when water runs out


  • Plastic
  • Water Capacity: 220mL
  • Dimensions: 3.15in x 5.47in (8cm x 13.9cm)
  • Mist Output: 35mL/hr
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated Power: 1.5-2W
  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Eco-friendly 🌎


  1. Add mineral or tap water into the tank. Do not use purified or distilled water, as they’d block the atomizer
  2. Connect the USB to power. For first time use, please soak the cotton swab completely and make sure there is enough water before running
  3. Press “on” to start mist and light. Press again to turn off mist. Long press 3 seconds to settle on one color. Long press 3 seconds again to turn off the light. Light is set to turn off after 1 hr by default. Mist will turn off after 4 hrs by default.